an HR Challenge that software can’t solve.

Because I spend much of my working-waking hours on HR software stuff, I try and find the time to understand more about what HR folks actually do. I browse the HR websites and blogs fairly often.  I came across this yesterday on the excellent (despite the Oracle logos)  UK HR website.  

Dealing with smelly staff.

We have a staff member with a long standing personal hygiene problems, he has been spoken to about it several times, both by the department head and myself as HR, it gets better for a while but then he slips back and it becomes worse again. He has been to the doctors and there is no medical reason for his symptoms, his departmental manager is really getting fed up as people from other departments continue to make (very unsubtle!) comments. I am going to sit down with him again in the hope this will shock him into action again but I am sure we will be in the same situation in a few months time, I’m thinking that if this does happen to commence formal disciplinary procedure (it really is that bad and affecting everyone else in the department) as essentially he is able to do something about it (as it does get better for a while) and it is affecting others- I’d welcome your thoughts on this awkward situation !!

You need to log on to the site to get the rest of the story. 

I wonder what job he does?


3 thoughts on “an HR Challenge that software can’t solve.”

  1. Software might not be able to help the employee’s hygene issues, but I wonder what the HR professional in this case is using to manage the issue? I would wager that there is an Outlook folder somewhere with stinkEE’s name on it and not much more (except a corresponding paper file).

    Having looked at nearly all the major offerings of HR software on the market over the last year, I’m struck that for a task which HR folks spend the vast majority of their time on (employee relations), there is very little application software.

    Is Outlook really the best that can be offered for this task?

  2. Hi Jeremiah
    I’d like to see a much greater convergence between CRM, KM, case management and HR architectures. I think the average HR department could learn a lot from how CRM tracks disputes and escalations, and how medical and legal systems manage cases. Policies, guidelines and so on should be in KM systems that push the right policy to the HR folks, or suggest experts to call.

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