A non-SAP post. The sun is shining in Walldorf, Spring is in the air.One of the things that I miss living in Germany is cricket. Well, resting in front of the TV of a weekend in front of the cricket, corridor cricket with a rolled up magazine, a wastebin as the wicket, a piece of paper covered in sticky tape as the ball.

The web is a saviour at bringing ball by ball commentary, either text based or via radio to my desktop though. Cricinfo is my favourite web site in the world.  It is comforting to have a ticker reminding me of the score, except when the bl**dy Australians are winning. It doesn’t distract, merely informs…5 day cricket is a fine thing. The world would be a better place if everyone played it.

I’d like to ask all cricket lovers to start peppering their blogs with cricket related metaphors. I’m tired of stepping upto the plate, making first base, being at bottom of the ninth and coming out of  left field. We need more leg-breaks, plumbs, stroked through the covers, sticky wickets, googlies, wrong uns, chinamans(men), doosras, picking seams, all ends up, long hops, square legs, back over the bowler, and ducks (australian ones)

Oliver, my 11 month old son, shows every promise of being Germany’s opening bowler, he will bat at number 4, and field at cover point. 



13 thoughts on “Howzat?”

  1. Jiminy! We are clueless about cricket here in the US. I thought at first you were writing about missing the chirping nocturnal sounds… It would help if you could explain what a sticky wickett is. This is a popular expression here, but its orgins remain unknown. Maybe over time you could gradually educate us…

  2. Hi Don
    Good to hear from you.
    A sticky wicket typically is a damp pitch. (pitch is the strip of prepared grass that the ball is bowled on to the batsman. the ball usually bounces (piches) before it reaches the batsman.) When the pitch is damp, the ball can behave irratically, sometimes skidding quickly, and somes sticking..
    When the ball is coming at 90 mph, this makes for a rather awkward situation. (especially if the ball is seaming- next lesson)
    Sticky wicket means metaphorically a difficult situation, usually not of your own making. (like PeopleSoft customers after the Oracle acquisition !-) )

  3. Thanks, Thomas. I thought it had something to do with a gummy wire hoop the ball got stuck on as it passed through (croquet, cricket, they’re all the same, right?). And looking up “wicket” in (even under the cricket section) wouldn’t have helped either.

  4. Thomas,
    I’d welcome any additional options to baseball terminology. We’ll stay tuned to your lessons to learn them and gradually work them in. I just finished up a project with a guy from SAP UK – maybe I could impress him with some witty cricket terminology, eh?

  5. Thanks for posting a comment on my Blog. Its amazing to know folks in SAP Germany still miss the thrill and excitement of a cricket match – I always thought you folks were more into Soccer and Hockey. I feel so lucky to be in India as cricket is more of a religion here…a lot of women who are not generally into sports are avid followers of cricket – though mainly of the one day variety. I will try to post more on cricket and I hope Sachin Tendulkar is fit for the World Cup to cream the Aussies. Only he and Flintoff can claim to have got the better of these clinical assasins.

  6. Mind you, Thomas, this business of unintelligible sport cuts both ways. I was chatting to Christa Manning of AMR over tea yesterday and remarked that someone ‘played a straight bat’. Her completely blank look made me wonder how many times I had made similar blunders with northern Americans.

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