HR (well mySAP ERP HCM) and Adobe forms.

Sometimes people still ask me "what exactly is Netweaver?"  It is alot easier to explain now than a couple of years ago, (partly because we have had some serious practice and 170 metric tonnes of ppt) but there are a lot of cool examples in the application today that wouldn't have been possible BN. (before Netweaver) Showing beats ppt anyday.

The Adobe forms stuff is a good example. This is revolutionising a lot of the more complex HR processes. 10 years ago we would have locked some very clever folks in birkenstocks in a room and said come up with a forms handling tool. Instead, we now work with the people that really understand forms and develop a significantly better solution in shorter time. In this case, Adobe.

It provides the bedrock to manager self service, and the new Administrator role. For those consultants and business analyst types reading this, I suggest you learn more about this tool, as it will change HR admin processes fundamentally for the better. ERP2005 makes a lot more use of this technology than in ERP 2004. the underlying Netweaver stuff also makes it much easier to develop bespoke forms.

The Visual composer developments, using Macromedia, (now merged with Adobe)  are also really impressive. Check out this SDN blog from a few months ago for a funny (well developer funny) look at the macromedia awards 

I'd love to see some more customer examples of Visual composer or flexible forms. If you have any screenprints send them on over. 

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