Mendocino. Most of you will have heard about this joint SAP-Microsoft development. There has been so much PR and analyst commentary on this. If not then check out the stuff on, the SAP community and the microsoft site.  there is a demo you can download.

I'm  sure it will be a big hit with customers when it rolls out later this year. Its beauty is in its simplicity. I showed it to a room full of HR folks recently and one of the audience remarked "is that all?" His colleague answered him back better than I could ever have done. he said "exactly."

Simple transactions delivered to the user so that they don't even realise that they are "in SAP" It is a really simple way to demonstrate what an enterprise service is all about. Delivering the process to the people that need it in a way creates the least effort. 

My big worry is the name. I hope those responsible for naming it will call it something simple. Mendocino is just the code name. Howcome in the software industry code names are much simplier than product names? In spy novels it is the other way around.

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