Enterprise RSS, web 2.0 and HR

I've always thought I'm pretty up to date on HR related technologies. I've been a good boy, reading the analysts, keeping an eye on the competition, and trying to figure out what we are doing here at SAP. (often the hardest job)  However, since I started looking at the blogsphere, I have realised there is much to learn. zoliblog led me to innovation creators.  Thanks. The world is so much bigger than my cosy ERP space.

This whitepaper is well worth a read it it provided me with a wake up call.  The collaboration tools that have emerged in the social web, as Rod notes, is  moving fast to the enterprise space. Collaboration, Knowledge management and the like are due a serious second coming. I'm not sure that open source will drive all this into the enterprise, but the concepts are thought provoking.

Much of the HR technology discussion with customers here in Europe is still on whether to do Employee Self Service or not! (see my earlier post on Banking and HR). Transaction processing is clearly moving to shared services and-or BPO (subject of a future post) We need to move the discussion on a bit me thinks.

I'm not sure that many HR folks out there grasp how these socialising networks will fundamentally change recruiting, learning, succession,and intra-company networks and structures. Microsoft's recruiting seems very impressive. Their folks get it. see Stroud's blog. 

These solutions are sure to shake up the enterprise apps space. The SAPs, Microsofts and Oracles will adapt. But this stuff will hit the niche HR guys hard, I'm not sure they can finance the shift.

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10 thoughts on “Enterprise RSS, web 2.0 and HR”

  1. Hi John,
    Seems I managed to forget the paragraph I meant to write inthe first place. Without being an RSS expert, (getting it to behave on this site has tested my competence to beyond breaking point) nevertheless I have some ideas that others probably had years ago.

    RSS offers a brilliantly simple way to move information to those that need it when they want to have it. If we could move application transactions to those who need them when they want them in a similar way, then we are onto something. RSS makes the content more important than the tool you are reading it with.

    The network effect that RSS brings helps create a kind of information democracy and flow that more rigid information and process methods cant produce. I’d like to see some work done on bringing RSS and workflow together. why cant that invoice I need to approve arrive in the same way as the cricket score, my sales report, competitor news and of course my favourite blogs.

    Check out what Charlie has to say on RSS http://globelogger.com/moonwatcher/

  2. Thomas; I wish I’d seen this post 3 days ago before posting today’s article on sHR. It’s great to find your blog – seems very insightful and I’ll be eagerly following your writing.

    on the side, a fellow HR technologist and cyclist? Great having you in the community!!!

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