blackberrys(berries?) and snowboarders

I'm just back from a blog-free and internet-free week in the Austrian alps. (okay I'm gloating) We were in Obertauern.

If my job depended on my snowboarding skills, I'd be in serious trouble. I also have no tatoos or body piercing. Anyway I got on the lift after meandering my way down the slope, and found myself sitting next to two more youthful snowboarders, of the metal detector challenging variety. They gave me that look, "we hate skiers but we hate old people snowboarding even more." Then my phone rang. After the call I was asked in deep austrian snowboard dialect "where did you that geil (cool) phone? " They were so impressed they invited me over to the half pipe.  I declined, as I luckily had to pick the kids up from ski school.

Seriously though, I'd be interested to get some comments about mobile enterprise applications (especially self service scenarios) I have seen lots of cool demos, but I'd like to hear more about large scale implementations of these technologies. I see a lot of opportunity for processes like travel expenses, workflow approvals and timesheets. Let me know what you reckon.

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