That video…the force is with us….

There have been a couple of links and comments from blogs (Jeff Nolan, Zoliblog and Paralax…) to the video made by development folks here in Walldorf. I'm not sure that they meant it to be seen by over a 1000 people on youtube (when I last looked), but good for them. I think it will get more hits than most brochures on the website. It makes a good point too. ABAP isnt dead. My views-questions? 1.I'm tired of the view that Germans don't have a sense of humour, this helps prove that cliche wrong. 2. It isn't "one voice" (SAP speak for "on brand") These new forms of informal marketing will continue to challenge the traditional press release and corporate whitepaper and website stuff. How will big corporate marketing departments like SAP's react? Will they try to squash it, encourage it, ignore it or over do it ? 3.Howcome developers of all nationalities dig star wars? 4. Youtube is cool.

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One thought on “That video…the force is with us….”

  1. I agree that these types of communication will be used more. Why? Well, the humor does keep you involved. It grabs attention. And, these guys have put it together in a pretty usable fashion with good links and navigation. If I were SAP, though, I wouldn’t want this outside my SAP walls. Mostly because this is an internal “call to action” and does give some insight to the competition.

    I don’t know if humor would be the way to communicate externally. So, I don’t see that this would replace a white paper or press release. SAP has to present a consistent face to the market.

    For internal use, these things are great and could be improved to include much more – even used as a form of knowledge transfer – but I’d rather not see them on the Web (if I were in charge of SAP). Just my .02.

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