SAP acquires Virsa.

It was announced today that SAP is acquiring Virsa. Press release here.

I worked closely with the Virsa team over the past year. They focus on the compliance sweetspot, and really add to the SAP solution. They have a deep understanding of the market and the issues. Now that SAP owns them, I expect to see an even stronger compliance offering developing. As I mentioned a while ago, right place right time, right solution.

The Netweaver model-ecosystem is working. ISVs build solutions on an SAP platform (powered by Netweaver), work closely with SAP to bring them to market, SAP helps sell and support it and if it makes strategic sense SAP acquires it. I'm biased but this seems to be a better model than the buy first integrate later route that Darth E has taken….

It does mean I need to redo all my compliance positioning slides. It also means that Jan can afford to buy me lunch.


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