bartering and enterprise software

Vinnie posted recently about Barter and software deals 

I have my own personal barter system. This may seem a bit weird.

About 10 years ago Siemens Germany bought PeopleSoft to run their HR. (It caused a big stir here in Walldorf, and woke up a lot of people – great for SAP's HR product in the long run as suddenly we had a competitor daring to step onto sacred German soil..but that is another story.)

The weekend after that was announced, I was shopping for a toaster. I didn't buy the Siemens one, even though it looked really neat (if toasters can be called neat) A few years later, Siemens changed their mind, and implemented SAP. I have happily been buying their products ever since.  By the way, Siemens have an awesome HR shared services story here in Germany…

If you want me to buy your product, you'd probably better be running SAP, preferably our HR stuff as well. Those XYZ runs SAP posters are really helpful when shopping in the airport. Montblanc runs SAP, Oakley runs SAP, Hugo Boss runs SAP,  Adidas runs SAP…. 

At the moment alas, my budget doesnt stretch to Otter runs Porsche, but at least Renault does! I bought a Philips TV, partly because we had just won a major HR deal there. My next snowboard will probably be from Burton.  My toothpaste is Colgate, because they are one of the best SAP HR references I know. My toothbrush is from Braun, because of the same reason.

My youth involved lots of South African Breweries Product, but that is perfectly justifiable, cos they run SAP. With Diageo now running SAP, my whiskey consumption can be guilt free.  I recently bought luggage from samonsite  if that isn't a good enough reason to go for Safe Passage, then what is?


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