Accenture makes SAP HCM-HR related acquisition

It was announced  that Accenture has bought Pecaso. (the rumour machine had been rumbling and issuing smoke signals for some time but now it seems official)

Pecaso is one of the leading SAP HR-HCM consulting companies. (I worked there for a while as strategy head before coming back to SAP in 2003) Over the past year I have seen most of the major consulting firms hire strongly in the SAP HR space, some even retraining Oracle and PeopleSoft consultants onto SAP. that is a more powerful indicator of who is winning in the HR space than any executive posturing. Recently Accenture also successfully rolled out SAP HCM internally.

I also think it is significant for BPO, as it gives Accenture a team that could really drive pan-european and global BPO implementations. it will significantly strengthen Accenture in Germany and the UK.

Pecaso also have a number of cool SAP add ons and add ins. It will be interesting to watch what Accenture does with them. Good luck to Martin, Mike, Tim, Thomas,James, Andreas,  Paul, Mary, Malcolm, Sudhir, Reza  and the gang.  

Is this a trend? (Arinso recently bought openHR)


2 thoughts on “Accenture makes SAP HCM-HR related acquisition”

  1. Thomas,
    thank you for your good wishes for this “event”. Pecaso´s management team worked hard to make that happening and we’re looking forward to sharing our skills with the new colleagues from accenture and the combined and new customer base. I’m also looking forward to discussing with you chances and challenges in BPO and elsewhere.
    Cheers, Andreas Fritz, Pecaso

  2. Thomas,
    You are correct, I agree this is significant and the entire Pecaso leadership will make this sucessful.
    Thanks for your comments and I look forward to working with you in the future


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