a conference rather than an unconference

The unconference seems to be a rather trendy thing at the moment. The esteemed web 2.0 types seem to always be invited to them. Hugh of gapingvoid fame has done a cartoon about them. But I don’t think they have hit Walldorf or perhaps even Birmingham yet. From what little I have read, they remind me of the mad hatters’ tea party, the unbirthday.


 Anyway, I’m lucky enough to be attempting to force ESA  on an HR audience at this event, a conference. It is in Birmingham, UK, rather than Alabama.

This is not just a shameless punt for the conference organiser, Thomas Cook, although he does put on a good show. If you are interested in HR and its future you need to hear Graham White. He explains how technology has changed his HR function radically.  He is the head of HR at Surrey, and it the best HR speaker I have ever heard.  (And I have heard many)

You can also get to hear about Mendocino and other tidings of joy. The nightlife in Brum is suprisingly good, especially compared to Walldorf.  My liver has just reminded me that I was foolish enough to go out with the folks from SAP Russia and their customer. But the less said about that the better.  


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