Developing enterprise software and lunch in a Thai restaurant

I had lunch with an American developer friend of mine at a nice little Thai spot near St Leon Rot, the second SAP campus near Walldorf and mega-propeller-head central. St Leon Rot has the highest number of birkenstocks per square KM anywhere in universe. The real hardcore developers wear them all year round.

Perhaps in my honour, J was wearing shoes.

 He is really up to date on all the new development goings on and had some profound insights into the strengths, reality, fluff and hype in the technology space. He was able to wax lyrically about client-side and server-side presentation logic, decoupling and about GUI patterns, standards, opensource, ABAP and Java and whether RSS had a role to play in workflow or not. I won't blog on that though, as he said something else that made me think. He said "I quite like your blog, but your business stuff is much better than your technical talk" He is of course right. 

My job isn't to design mission critical enterprise applications. I don't have to worry about getting this translated into polish and thai, or whether it will run on a win 98 celeron or security, or how it will upgrade,downgrade, customise, or version control, legal changes, scalability, documentation, testing and so on. 

Lucky for those of you buying this stuff! 

Developing enterprise software is hard.  New tools make it easier, but it is still damn hard. That is why so few software companies are actually any good at it. 

Once I have figured out what my job is, you will be the first to know.


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