Meeting Redmonk.

On Friday after working in London, I met up with James Governor of Redmonk fame at his local wine spot, Bedales. 

The theory was to meet for a glass or two of wine, but the scope of the project soon expanded. Clever concept Bedales, a mix of wine shop and wine bar, great selection and very well run by the lovely Emily. We did that odd english thing of sitting outside because the sun was vaguely shining. The wine helped us keep warm.  Next time I'm in the city, I'll return.

We spent some of the time talking about compliance, web 2.0, SAP, IBM, Oracle and so on, but we spent more time talking about kids, former lives, and the South African software mafia. James has an excellent grasp of the enterprise software space.  SAP should be talking more with Redmonk.

I met James through his blog, and I read his research because it was free and easy to obtain, unlike the traditional analyst stuff.  I will continue to read more because it is good. The Redmonk paper on compliance architecture  remains the best piece I've read on compliance and software. Hopefully after our chat he can update it with the SAP stuff! Building a sustainable architeture for compliance is a key SAP play at the moment, the Virsa acquistion is part of this plan. I think this will be a big part of the sapphire story, so expect to hear a lot more details from Neetin and the compliance team.

I'll write more about compliance after my workshop this week, then I'm off to South Africa to see the family.

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