yet another post about the world is flat

I have realised that if you have a blog, it is compulsory to write a post about the book "the world is flat."  I read the book on the plane flying to home to South Africa from Germany last month. It was a good read, if a tad repetitive, and occasionally naive, and a lot of it reads like basic common sense.

The flight was made interesting by the guy I sat next to. He is an artist from Mozambique, Mankew Mahumnana, and he had just come from an exhibition in Germany. I have no portuguese, he had little english or german, so we communicated in zulu. I say communicate, because my zulu is very very very  shabby, but somehow we got on well. His art is really cool stuff.


He drew me a picture in the back of my world is flat book, and signed it. I now want to get him to do something for my lounge at home.

The world is flat. I meet an artist from mozambique on a plane and hopefully he will  do something for my lounge in Germany.

One thought on “yet another post about the world is flat”

  1. Watch the 13-minute overview (below).

    Just off press …
    The World is Flat?
    “Globalization is the greatest reorganization of the world since the Industrial Revolution.”

    Thomas Friedman’s recent New York Times bestseller, The World is Flat, asserts that the international economic playing field is now more level than it has ever been. As popular as it may be, some reviewers assert that by what it leaves out, Friedman’s book is dangerous.

    Watch a thought-provoking 13 minute Overview on the Web:


    Read more:

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