Cricket and Soccer (football) contrasts

This has nothing to do with SAP, Sapphire and so on. 

I watched the champions league final last night.  I enjoy football but I'm really sick and tired about how everyone blames the referee. The managers, the players and so on.

Wenger and Henry both criticised referee Terje Hauge and his linesmen because they thought Eto'o's goal was offside.

Henry said: "I don't know if the referee was wearing a Barcelona shirt. If the referee did not want us to win he should have said so from the off.

"Some of the calls were strange. I believe the referee did not do his job. I would have liked to have seen a proper referee."

Wenger had no complaints about Lehmann's sending off, for a trip on Eto'o, but was furious about the Cameroon striker's goal.

The Arsenal boss said: "My biggest regret is that the first goal was offside.

"When you are 11 against 10 and you concede an offside goal, it's very difficult to accept.

Every game seems to be the same. The referee gets the blame. I think the commentators are the worst of the lot. more time is spent moaning about the ref than is spent on the game.

In cricket, the umpire is equally important. But if you show any dissent, it is called bringing the game into disrepute, and you get fined a big chunk of your match fee. In Rugby you get a card, or 10 metres on the foul.

My suggestions to fix football.

1. any dissent. Yellow card. Second time Red. The player will be fined a weeks wage, and the money donated to  charity.

2. All managers should be a referee for a season before they get their licence to manage a top team.

3. All commentators should ref at least one game. This would be televised and critiqued by a panel of referees.

Football needs the referees. It is about time they got some respect.


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