excellent Sapphire summary and the need for some humo(u)r

For those of you who don't want to read lots of blogs, the best Sapphire summary comes from AMR's Bruce Richardson.  Succinct, coherent and timely. (score one to AMR)

 While Hasso Plattner, Henning Kagermann, and Shai Agassi are household names inside AMR Research, how many know Ian Kimbell? Derek Prior, our top SAP analyst in Europe, and I were talking about the SAP executive presentations this week. I said that they were always better when Mr. Kimbell was part of the product demonstrations. Derek turned to me and asked, “Is he the funny Brit?”

Yes, Mr. Kimbell is the very funny Brit. Please SAPPHIRE planners, if you’re going to make us sit for hours on uncomfortable folding chairs, at least entertain us. We mean no disrespect to this week’s participants, but bring back Ian Kimbell. Don’t make us start a petition.

The point about Ian Kimbell may seem a bit cryptic for those that haven't seen him in action, but a skillset we drastically underestimate and under invest in at SAP is the ability to present and demo complex concepts in a way that customers can understand and enjoy. Ian has this skill, yet far too often this is dismissed as just "blah-blah"

We focus too much on the powerpoints and not enough on the content delivery, yet boring is not a good sales strategy. As usual there is a gapingvoid cartoon to make the point better than I can.

i'm a speaker.jpg


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