ruby and sapphires.

There is lots of interesting innovation going on in the SAP community that backs up Shai Agassi's excitement about SDN. I was very sceptical of it when it started, but I was clearly wrong. (not the first time)

Ross commented on SDN here.  I stumbled across Piers' stuff today while in frankfurt airport awaiting my plane. See what Piers is up to with Ruby and SAP. Here is the SDN entry. 

I read it, said "?????" and released I needed adult supervision, so I mailed a Birkenstock-wearing colleague who resides deep in the walldorf machine.

He told me, "I've been following Piers' work on SDN. it is great to showcase this kind of thing-its nothing new to see such innovation from the partner-consultant community, but very nice to see it showcased effectively." 

If you are interested in more on Scripted languages, check it out here, the post is written by a guy from Colgate. Thoughtful stuff. This SDN thing is working. The more people innovating on SAP, the better.


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