I have just got back from Sapphire Europe. I was only there for the first day, had several customer meetings, a great lunch with Les Hayman and James Farrar (more about that on another post), had an excellent session with Amit Chatterjee and his team about GRC (governance risk and compliance), saw a super presentation about the SAP talent management implementation at KBC Bank and then later had a couple of glasses of bubbly with the GRC gang and then a steaktatar for dinner. I managed to see some partner and SAP folks too. All in all a busy day.

Sapphire though is a bit too much marketingspeak for me.  It reminds me more than a little of what G.B Shaw said when he declined an invite to speak at a vegetarian convention."The thought of a 1000 people simultaneously crunching celery terrifies me"

I agree with Vinnie that there is too much SOA talk at the moment. It is a tad theoretical, abstract, metaphorical and technical for me. I should leave that to James and the my birkie mates.

 I studied a fair bit of philosophy at university, and Immanuel Kant is easier to figure out than some of the SOA stuff. We are talking too much about the technology and not enough about the applications the technology helps create.

CIOs might buy and love technology, but I still believe business people buy applications. They want to eat the meal, not just read the cook book. 

I think we need to start moving back to messaging that resonates with business people. Governance, Risk Compliance business unit is a step in the right direction. I reckon we need to do more of this sort of thing- focus on the business issue.

Build teams of people who really understand the business issues, and deliver solutions to address the business challenge. You can only do this if you understand the business issues in depth, only then can the technology help. The combination of  Virsa  and some key from core ERP will make for a compelling foundation.

It was nice to see a big HR (sorry Human Capital management with mySAP(tm) ERP powered by SAP Netweaver) deal announced. the Bank of India

MUMBAI, India and PARIS, France – May 30, 2006 – May 30, 2006 — SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced that the State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest commercial bank, selected mySAP™ ERP to automate and seamlessly integrate its human capital management (HCM) processes across State Bank Group, part of the bank’s efforts to transform its operations and prepare for future growth. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) application from SAP would serve State Bank Group’s global strength of more than 370,000 employees and retirees, making it one of the largest HCM implementations in the banking industry globally

Well done to Amit Avasthi and his HR team in India did a fab job on this one.

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