supporting innovation with Lego (real Lego not ESA Lego)

While wading and wallowing through the best part of three weeks email, I picked up on an internal announcement about SAP and Lego. My priotisation skills being what they are, I read it and decided to post it so that you could read it too. 

Lego has come along way since I was a boy….funny how now it is used by almost everyone to describe software architectures…I'm not sure Lego deserves this treatment.

Anyway, SAP employees volunteer time to coach kids to build robots, and these kids then enter a competition. The best ones go through to a international competition. The SAP sponsored and supported teams did really well. see link here

FLL: SAP Teams Clean Up!

Six SAP-sponsored FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams qualified for the finals of the international robot competition FLL Challenge 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia and Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The winners have been chosen, and once again the SAP teams got the edge on the competition. The SAP All Stars from Germany received the coveted Innovative Robot Award, as well as commendation for their professionalism. "The SAP All Stars perform the art of engineering at its highest level. We didn't see the BMW logo on the front of the robot, but we're certain that BMW would have loved the design," an impressed member of the jury said.

The Japanese team SAP Edison, as well as SAP Eleven, gave a convincing performance on account of their exemplary teamwork. They received a commendation for the excellent programming of their robot. The Alliance Award went to SAP Marine against Pollution from Paris. The jury was impressed by the teenagers' effective cooperation with three other teams. Furthermore, the members of the SAP Light Bird team from Japan were notworthy for the exemplary presentation of their ideas and their good cooperation. The Leimbach SAPmarines were also successful in the finals.

The FIRST LEGO League is an international robot competition for children and teenagers between the ages of 10 and 16. The goal of the event is to get the "generations of tomorrow" interested in science and technology. SAP employees across the world are encouraged to act as mentors and coaches for the FIRST LEGO League in helping interested children and teenagers in individual project teams. In September 2005, teams started preparing for the competition, with the theme "Ocean Odyssey." Eighty-five teams with a total of more than 170 SAP employees from 19 countries took part in the initiative. A total of about 7,000 FLL teams participated worldwide.

Anything that makes kids take an interest in technology is a good thing.  

Lego is an SAP customer. They threw out Oracle a while ago. thought I ought to mention that in passing….


This is my first day back at work for nearly 3 weeks  (thank you german labour law). more about that in another post once I have been through the email torrent. It was weird not accessing the web or the blogsphere for this time. no doubt there will be much to a catch up on. I will watch the sapphire blogging thingy that Jeff has arranged with interest

Mendocino is now called Duet. (hmmmm).  It is better than, but as my mate  phillip noted it does have more than a tinge of Kenny Rogers to it.

I have presented it to several customers over the past six months. It does hit the right note. (aaaah)

The website though, is great. Check it out  (see if you can see the mac in the demo!)