Deutschland, America, flags and the (fifa) world cup.

One of the many things that struck me when I’ve visited the USA is the pride with which many Americans show off their flag and are often openly patriotic. It is not unusual to see huge flagpoles with vast flags in relatively modest gardens.


 Americans often wear their patriotism on their sleeves, literally too. Some find this  jarring, but I don’t.  In business American based companies have used this well, and have effectively marketed the American dream around the world. 

This sense of cheeriness and optimism and belief in “the American way and dream” has helped American business tremedously. 

I think the likes of IBM are beginning to understand the limits of this (see the CEOS letter to the FT) He is dead right about the “colonial” model, and the need to adapt. This relates to software design too, but that would be a book, not just a post….

I grew up in South Africa, and one of the most hated symbols by many was the old flag. But the new flag is a fabulous rallying symbol to all, and is on cars, tee-shirts and flag poles all over the place.

German patriotism is a much more complex thing. Germany’s past is unavoidable, and most Germans are not at all open about being “patriotic” Germans rarely seem to give of the  impression that they are proud to be German, even if they may feel so inside. Instead, complaining about Germany is too cool, and easy to do, and is done too often.

The world cup is changing this, everywhere flags abound. Germans are out there supporting their team, and at the same time feeling good about being German and hosting this magnificent event.  It is helping to create a positive stimmung (feeling) that I havent felt in 10 years of visiting and living here.

I watched a TV programme this morning where one of the politicians was getting upset about this wave of German nationalism. (At least that is what I thought he was on about. political german is nearly as complex as SOA  German.)

I think he is so wrong. Maybe Germans are just realising that it is okay to be proud about where you are from. This is a good thing.

German companies like SAP should do more of the same. Germany is the world export champion at the moment. Here’s hoping that Germany win the World cup too.

MTV get it.

3 thoughts on “Deutschland, America, flags and the (fifa) world cup.”

  1. Whoah. Now Verdorprisey is getting all multimedia-ey!

    Not sure if I can handle embedded pictures *and* germane, funny video, Thomas. When does the podcast show up?

    Looks great. I like the extra content. Spices things up.

    Is this Vendorprisey 2.0?

  2. That’s a great video.

    I love my country’s flag, I take pictures of it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Here’s two of my favorites:

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