Google spreadsheets and SAP….

Interesting story this.  Google's spreadsheet endevoours have got a lot of hype, but I wasn't expecting to see enterprise application integration emerging so quickly.

Panorama has effectively integrated its NovaView BI suite with Google Spreadsheets to allow companies to collaborate over spreadsheets over the web and outside corporate firewalls.

It seems that two things drive innovation in this space.

1. It is technically much easier to do this than in the past. (All that clever SOAy sort of thing does make some sense it seems)

2. There is a market for innovation on top of the SAP platform  If you can find a niche then things can move very quickly partly because of the sheer size of the user base. Look at the Virsa story.

This sort of innovation is good for SAP, as it drives more users. The multi-UI fest continues. "How should I access my SAP today?"

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