podcasts and big hills.

Last week I decided to ride up (on my bicycle) a big hill in Austria called grossglockner. It is good training for a race I'm doing in August, and for the blogger charity ride up mont Ventoux in late September. It is popular with the motorbike crowd, as the road is well tarred, and quite wide for an alpine high road. Luckily, it is the world cup, so most of  the leather types were in front of the TV.

I started at Fusch. (Edelweisspitze is another 150 metres up from the Fuscher Tor the last bit is cobbled and rather steep)

I dont normally ride with music, as it distracts me from concentrating on the traffic, however as I was planning to climb the best part of 2000 metres, with lots of it at 12% I figured some distraction was not a bad idea.

All the music on my MP3 player  is stuff I've bought over time on CD and transferred to my laptop. I've not copied music since the days of cassettes. I figure I make enough money to pay for music.

Anyway, my ride up the hill playlist included Davie Bowie, The Killers, the Strokes, Toten Hosen, Nesse Dorma, Libertines, Talking Heads (road to nowhere), Jack Johnson, Elvis Costello, Wir Sind Helden, chumbawumba(tubthumping), Juluka, Freshly Ground and Kaiser Chiefs (i predict a riot)

About 15 minutes from the top I started to hear strange, yet familar voices talking to me about  open source. Perhaps I was more tired than I thought. Actually, I'd managed to add a redmonk podcast to my playlist. Cote and James joined me on the mountain. It was too steep to take my hands of the handlebars to turn them off, and if I'd stopped I never have got back on again. James talked about how he was like a hosted service in the sky. This was hard to follow with a heart rate of over 170.  I think I ought to listen to it without the endorphins or cannabinoids.

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4 thoughts on “podcasts and big hills.”

  1. Hah, that’s funny. For quite sometime when I put my music on random, I’d get the random podcast in there. My wife, Kim, mentioned that from time to time nowadays, “are you sure we’re not going to end up listening to something about Java?
    While I don’t want to cut down your RedMonk Radio listening, here’s what I do to avoid podcasts when I want to listen to music. If you have an iPod and/or use iTunes, I’d look into using a Smart Play list. I created one that excluded everything that had Genre==podcast so that I’d get a “music” only list. Then, you can combine that together with other lists. For example, I rate my music, so I have a list that’s all Music rated 3 or above, then another that’s 4, then another that’s 3 stars and above and hip-hop.
    The point being, you can start layering play lists to make sure you get the right music while you’re peddling up the hill šŸ˜‰

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