SAP is wired…

I read Wired magazine and the Economist in the paper form whenever I get stuck in Airports, and online versions just about every week.  Both write about interesting stuff, often with a witty turn of phrase. One, in English english; the other in American english. (My blog is in South African English with a twist of too long in Germany.)

Anyway. loved this from Wired  SAP got rank number 10 on the wired 40 list.

CEOs like their business apps to be just like their cars: big, fast, and German. While archrival Oracle expands its product line at M&A sword point, SAP rolls its own code, crafting slick modules for everything from analytics to HR. Can it meet the audacious goal of doubling its market cap by 2011? Innovation, ho!

I have said before that SAP needs to market its Germaness

I saw a  post from Jason on the SAP Oracle state of affairs. Check it out.  this comment is especially astute.

The ecosystem partners will tell you that SAP is out-executing Oracle by a significant margin.

SAP training classes are full as our partners retrain ex-Oracle and PSFT consultants onto SAP. This tells me more than a clever press release does. 

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