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Today there is an air of quiet mourning in Walldorf, except in Italian payroll development team where it is party city. The positive vibe that the world cup has created here in Germany will hopefully stay though. The lads did Germany proud, the Italians just played that little bit better.

On a different, sadder note. Fred Trueman died or cancer on the 1st July. He was one of the greatest fast bowlers ever. He is spoken of with awe in cricketing circles. For those baseball types who read my blog, bowler is the the equivalent of your pitcher, just a bit nastier. (This post may be a tad cryptic for those that dont follow cricket.) Dennis also comments here.

 Fred was the ultimate intimidator of the opposing batsman, a great bowler, but even better at finding a weakness and exploiting it. He was the first man to 300 wickets in test cricket, the days when there was much less played than today.

I never met the man, but as boy I remember him commentating on the radio. He always had a funny comment when play was slow, and a couple come to mind. “Lovely boy that, I played golf with his father.”  He was on duty one day when Allan Donald first came on the scene in South Africa. He said “eee that boy is quick, but them slips is far away. I don’t go that far for me holidays.”  He never let the game get in the way of a good story.

He also said that he looked slower in black and white. (If anyone has any other footage, please stick it on youtube.)

He had some advice for fast bowlers wanting to intimidate the batsman. Take a really big step or two over the no ball crease and give it your all. The umpire will call a no ball, but he can’t pull you back by your shirt…

For those interested his averages are here.

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One thought on “football and cricket…”

  1. There was a tremendous tribute to the man on BBC Yorkshire this evening. Even hard man Boycott shed a tear or two and Dickie Bird’s emotional eulogy would have put a lump in the throat of the hardest of Doncaster miners.

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