Jeff’s numbers post….customer reality, and notes in the margins.

Jeff Nolan posted some internal numbers  and some thoughtful analyis on the state of affairs between SAP and Oracle. Some facts to chew on, rather than the vague ephemeral fog that normally constitutes market share discussions. James , several others and even Captain Curmudgeonly, Dennis, have commented that this is a fine thing.

I would like to point my readers, of happy or otherwise disposition, to another source of useful SAP info. Spend a few minutes in the presentations from Sapphire, and see what real customers are doing with our stuff.  You need to register and do enough clicks to get carpal tunnel syndrome, but once you get in there it is really interesting.

Getting customers to admit to replacing one vendor with the other isn’t easy.  That’s why we can’t just publish a list of all safe passage deals.  It is the customers’ perogative to be referenced or not.  Some do, and my favourite presentation from Paris Sapphire  is the SSL safe passage story. It is a detailed look at a real sales and implementation cycle by the customer  click here. to see the slides and watch the presentation, or even just read the transcript.  If I was in marketing I would have made much more of this story, when you see what SSL make, all will be clear. 

As an aside: I’d like to see us deploy more 2.0 type stuff in these knowledge stores. Tags, and some nice clouds perhaps, more RSS feedbacks, and some sort of youtube model for viewing the customer videos… but the main thing is that there is some awesome content in the SAP community site and in SDN. This will tell you as much about the health or otherwise of our business.

While visiting the dark side,, I did find a list of Oracle bloggers though. Good move this by Oracle, but it pales into insignificance when compared with SDN blogging community.  Of the 58 bloggers from Oracle, only a couple are applications folks, the rest are database etc, ditto with the external bloggers. I dont see a community buzz around Oracle applications, but maybe my SAP myopia blinds me…

A tour around Oracle’s website reminds me of Larry’s paradox. 2/3 of SAP customers run on Oracle DB.

Look how scalable SAP is on Oracle…SAP runs best on a Oracle database was the link from  main banner when I logged on, not Oracle Apps are much better than SAP ones. (that came later)  I wonder if Larry worries as SAP gets closer to SQL Server, DB2 and opensource DBs. It is tough to switch out an ERP application, but if anything can be nicholascarred (ie IT doesnt matter) then it is surely the database.  We moved our internal HR onto DB2 without a hitch….and I don’t think anyone except the DBA has any idea that it happened.

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