cluetrain is derailed. I guess I’m clueless.

Gapingvoid (who is kindly hosting the wiki for our charity bike ride up mt Ventoux for warchild)  links to Doc Searls who goes on again about his beloved cluetrain. According to Hugh we are now in a post-cluetrain phase. I’m clueless. I decided to refresh myself at the kool-aid dispenser by reading the said manifesto, etc.

A small problem is that the link to the cluetrain,  is not working, it has left the rails, ruby or otherwise. Perhaps there is snow on the track, or the wrong kind of leaves. It has not been working for ages, even by british railway ages definition.

I turned to Nicholas Carr’s favourite punchbag, Wikipedia.

Wikipedia refers to as – The Cluetrain website was declared a “Read-Only Landmark” and is currently off-line

This has to be the most non-cluetrain piece of cluetrainness ever penned. How, dear cluetrainers, are we supposed to get clued up on the cluetrain if it is off-line. This long tail is tangled… DONT CLICK there is a lovely source of spyware and other crap, unless the cluetrain manifesto is just a a big plot to install a temperature gauge on my toolbar.

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2 thoughts on “cluetrain is derailed. I guess I’m clueless.”

  1. As so often happens when the whole Internet stops working, a credit card expired.

    It has now been restored, and Cluetrain is back on the rails.


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