Walking the walk, broccoli ice cream and 2.0

I posted a rather cynical comment about the cluetrain a couple of days ago, and Doc Searls got back to me very quickly. It turned out it was an issue with domain name renewal. Glad to see the train is back on the rails, and thanks for the speedy comment.

I’m  impressed and often gobsmacked with a lot of the innovation and off the wall thinking that is happening with this whole web 2.0 thing, what with clues and tails, spheres and memes I’m like Alice in Wonderland, every day is an unbirthday. 

But the cluetrain incident, Zoli’s concerns with gmail  and other services and Redmonk’s sometimes rather iffy blog infrastructure remind me of a saying that we use at home a lot. “You can’t have your ice cream until you have eaten your broccoli.”

The 2.0 crowd is merciless in its criticism of 1.0 and of things enterprisey as dull and boring and closed. We all dig the the cool stuff, but unless the basics work, the plot is lost. Being 2.0 is no excuse for being offline, any 1.0 business will tell you that. I guess to innovate well, you need to do boring well too.

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