Moods and Business

Warton Business School has a brilliant Knowledge service, well worth getting a feed from. All gadgets, podcasts etc, but more importantly seriously good business content. Lots about complex finance stuff, competition, aging workforces and all sorts, but today some lighter reading.

I read about Moods and performance. 

Start-of-day moods may be more potent because they are caused by events that are more important to workers than interactions with customers, the researchers note. It is also possible that workers are trained to handle customer moods but get no similar training on dealing with start-of-day moods. Future research, they suggest, should look at various events that influence those start-of-day moods.

And rather appropriately for my American colleagues, as I’m off on holiday again next week(thanks German labour law),  some research on different attitudes to vacation.

…distinguishes them from citizens of the United States, who, despite a similarly productive economy and a comparable standard of living, enjoy about half as much paid time off. The average American receives approximately four weeks a year of paid leave, while the average person in France gets seven and the average German, eight.

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