Wars, bicycles and business language

James at Redmonk talks a lot about declarative living.(actually he talks a lot, fullstop) So, as I pack up here and head off to Italy for a bicycle race, I figure I should blog what is on my mind. It is miles away from shared services, Sox, and ERP, or even my race.

Throughout the world, there are many wars raging. Some are major news like Iraq and Lebanon, others “less” newsworthy, like Somalia. All wars have one thing in common, children suffer the most.

We picked the Charity Warchild for our bike ride in September up Ventoux before the conflict escalated in the Middle East. I have friends on both sides of the fence in this conflict, and I don’t want to be drawn into a debate as to who is right and who is wrong.

If you would like to join us on the bike ride, check out the wiki, you can also donate to warchild from there too. They help kids in all wars, on both sides. Lots of friends and colleagues have already donated, thank you again to those reading this.

Maybe I’m being naive, but I try to avoid using military terms in business speak. I’m not at war, I don’t want to carpet bomb Oracle, or catch them in a crossfire, or do some collateral damage. I’m not at the front line, or in the trenches, luckily.

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