From my head to paper…RFID and the long and winding

I have been plodding away at my PhD for some time. In between work, family, the bicycle and this blog, I have been reading and thinking about compliance and enterprise applications for the past 3 years or so.  That must change, as unless I start writing something soon, I will have forgotten all the stuff I have read and thought. I need to write it down so that I can inflict it on others….

In an attempt to kick start this process, I’m presenting at the GikII Workshop, which is part of the VI World Computer Law Conference and led by Lilian Edwards, a leading computer law academic.  Lilian has an entertaining blog on computer law stuff, that is a no mean feat.  She links to the House of Lords discussion on pervasive computing at Kim Cameron’s identity blog, another good read.

Lord Campbell of Alloway: My Lords, will the Minister explain what pervasive computing is?

Lord Sainsbury of Turville: Yes, my Lords. This is an interesting subject. Some microprocessors now have in-built communication facilities. The most obvious example of that is radio identification. I do not suppose that the noble Lord ever goes to the back of his local supermarket, but if he did he would see that packages that are brought in have an identification code that can be read electronically without taking the goods off the pallet. That is done by radio communication and is an enormous step forward in efficiency. The same principle applies to smart keys; one can open a car door from a range of three feet with a smart key, using the same technology.

Note that is Lord Sainsbury speaking, I wonder if he is any relation?

If you read the whole discussion though, you will see that despite the formal lingo and funky dress code, these Lords are bang on the money….compare that to that Senator Stevens….

Back to the long and winding.. My simple method for self motivation is to set yourself up for ridicule.  By the first week of September I need to articulate my thoughts into something vaguely coherent, or I will be pelted by the academic tomato. If you’d like to attend, the details are available here.  The rest of the agenda looks really interesting, including a talk on open source killer robots.

If there are any privacy gurus out there, please drop me a note. You guys tend to be quite hard to find.

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