Duet and Coffee with Udo.

I’m getting old. Well, not really that old, but I felt it this morning. I had coffee with Udo Waibel, the development lead for the Duet project. I met Udo about 10 years ago when he was a uni student doing his work assignment at SAP (He built a travel expenses app in excel that interfaced with SAP, so in a sense he has been working on Duet for 10 years, on and off).

He then moved into ESS development and has since scaled the dizzy heights of development, being heavily involved with X-apps. We had a bit of a chat about SAP politics (as one does.)  For one so young, he is rather wise. If you are going to Teched, look him up.

We talked a lot about Duet though. Customer take up is excellent, and development is going better than expected. I was pleasantly suprised at what’s around the corner. Lots of language support, lots more scenarios and so on.

Something that he mentioned that I didn’t see in all the marketing blurb is that it is dead easy to publish any SAP report via Duet, so any classic SE38 report can be distributed via Duet. Cool. Think on-line payslip, think budget exceptions and so on.  He promised that they would be a number of “how-to” guides coming out to help early adopters do more with Duet. SDN will be a major channel for Duet knowledge, so keep an eye out there, and on the Duet.com site Personally I reckon the excel related features of Duet will be very useful, probably even more than outlook. imagine using excel etc for compensation planning, but with real-time data, and synchronisation with master data….

Duet just won an award from computer world, The Computerworld Horizon Awards were established last year to alert readers to especially cutting-edge technologies from research labs and companies that are “on the horizon.”  This was voted on by CIOs so hopefully those that think we don’t do innovation will pause for just a moment and check it out.

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