reducing payroll complexity and TCO (SAP related)

A slightly geeky SAP HR (sorry mySAP ERP HCM as the one voice police insist it is called) post.

Exciting stuff for a Friday afternoon, especially if you are a payroll person.

Over on SDN there is a new payroll tool worth having a look at.  I heard about this a little while ago as a prototype so it is nice to see it in anger now. It is also interesting to see that we are using SDN a delivery channel for it. 

The tool apparently makes new and existing payroll installations more stable, less expensive to operate, and easier to configure. It simplifies payroll configuration, speeds up error diagnostics, and improves efficiency of payroll maintenance and operations. The tool keeps track of configuration changes, eliminates transport conflicts that can potentially bring down production instances, pinpoints errors that are tricky and time consuming to fix, and speeds up verification of payroll runs to confirm changes in configuration, LCPs, HRSP, and upgrade of payroll systems.

Hopefully it does what it says on the tin. It does look a whole lot better than the normal  stuff in payroll, but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As customer once told me, I don’t care what the payroll looks like, if it runs correctly, it is beautiful. If you are using it, let me know what you think. 

You can watch the SAP TV movie too, it includes a demo.  (Watch out youtube, here comes SAP TV…)

Anything that lowers the cost of what Vinnie calls “utility computing” is goodness.

Payroll is one of those “utilities” that isnt hip or trendy, but that needs to work every time.  We have several 100 people working in development maintaining the rules for over 50 countries. This is one of those big projects Charles mentioned the other day. There are very few companies that have been able to pull the expertise together to build and maintain this sort of thing. 

I also like the way this new tool sits on top of your existing payroll and makes it easier to use etc. It means you dont have to touch what is already working.

There are many gems in SDN. Just watch them come out and sparkle.

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