Geek Law

I attended an academic law conference on Monday and Tuesday this week, called GIKII. Andres provides a brief review , and I’m sure other posts will ooze out this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I had never presented to a legal academic sort of audience before. It turns out that legal academics have a sense of humour. There was one latin maxim joke, and even that was funny. I will be spending some time in the BAILII  site, as it is a great source of UK legal material, and it is free. (interesting case here on what happens when an outsourcing agreement goes sour, but I digress)

I reckon topics weren’t representative of a typical technology law conference.  The sun shone in Edinburgh, which was equally odd.  (We ate at a restaurant called Howies. Go there if you are ever in Edinburgh. Good nosh indeed.)

The event was organised by Prof Lilian Edwards, (who has a very good blog.) She is moving from Edinburgh to sunny Southampton, where she will chair the IT tech law department. This is a strong department (top ranking of 5*)   Tim Berners Lee is on the Comp Sci Faculty there too. (the website sucks, but between Lilian and Tim, they should be able to sort it out)

I learnt lots, and it seems that my PhD thinking is not too shabby. I now need to write the damn thing. It may mean I need to blog less, but everything has its price.


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