Governance Risk and Compliance announcement

Big announcement today with SAP and Cisco. Webcast is running at the moment (it was when I started the post anyway), you can read the press release here.  I’ll post more once I’ve digested it and talked to a few folks internally. I’d be interested to hear what James makes of this….

Three main points… 

1. Accelerated roadmap on the GRC repository. (central system to record control, policies, risk, not just SAP content, but plans for other content too.

2. GRC process control application. cross application, dashboard, risk identification…

3. Risk management application. Built from the internal risk management tool from SAP. This thing rocks.

The combination of SAP and Cisco means that there  is good coverage of the infrastructure risk issues as well. This will help in delivering more support for COBIT and other IT governance models. 

As part of the Finance Best Practice Meeting in September I will be moderating a session on GRC, BMW and GM are presenting, as well as Amit, the Lead dude for the GRC developments.  Should be interesting. This stuff is so much more than just SOX.


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