The long tail of ERP and HR software

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting several customers from the Nordics (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark..) in Walldorf. We discussed the upgrade from 4.6c to ERP2005, Duet etc. I think they got some good info and advice. Ralf from our internal IT explained how we had done the internal upgrade, and how our systems are architected here in enterpriseyland. Stefan talked about SAP’s HR strategy. All in all a full agenda.

What was really interesting for me was learning more about our business in Iceland. There are only 300,000 people there, yet we have 20-30 customers, and the system is translated into Icelandic. (the language that the Vikings spoke) A partner has built an Iceland payroll addon. I wonder if any other “global” vendors even know where Iceland is?

If you go out for a drink with folks from the Nordics- be warned. They can drink schnapps like lemonade.


One thought on “The long tail of ERP and HR software”

  1. I had to duck out of a trip to Iceland once – I wish I’d not done so. There is a reason why they drink like fish outside their own country – booze in Iceland is priced on the same basis as gold. They make Stockholm seem cheap.

    If you can forgo that pleasure, then I’m told they have a fascinating Museum of the P*n*s in Reykjavyk. Just another useless fact from casa Howlett.

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