Ventoux (or van2.0 for those that are suffix besotted)

A couple of months ago I heard about Sig, and Thingamy. I was intrigued.

We got talking and realised that we both cycle a bit (well we invest our hard earned cash in carbon and titanium) We figured that riding up Ventoux would be fun in that I like pain kind of way, and we asked a couple of mates (Hamish, Dean and Martin) to join in. We also had a plan to use the power of the blogsphere to raise some money for Charity. Warchild.

Well the date for our Ventoux assault is set for the end of the month. Time flies. Sig is probably a lot fitter and stronger than me, and with better kit. (check out his helmet on his blog. I think he will have to wear it uphill, perhaps filled with a set of German tax tables) Also I will need to find some fit bod to come along with me and defend the enterprisey honour that is at stake here.  In SAP implementation tradition I may need a partner to help.

My training last week consisted of flying to South Africa, talking at a conference and lifting my elbow occasionally, and I am off to Vienna to for a workshop about compliance later this week.

So far the traditional fundraising method of bugging your mates is beating the blogsphere by a huge margin. We would like to see this change. Putting it bluntly if you think that kids who get caught in war deserve some help, then take out your credit card and click here.  Blog about it too. Thanks James and Dennis!  Hugh of GapingVoid has even drawn us a cartoon.

Here is what we are going up (eeek) and down (yippee) We plan to avoid any blood transfusions or testosterone plasters.

I’ll be driving down from Germany on Friday the 29th, and I have space in the Espace for another bod or two, so if you are interested tagging along, get in touch. 

7 thoughts on “Ventoux (or van2.0 for those that are suffix besotted)”

  1. Man, I’d love to join you but:
    a) I’m probably not fit enough.
    b) I don’t have a road bike (and mountain bike doesn’t seem like a viable solution – although it is a mountain!).
    c) I’d have to fly over – not likely. . .
    unless you can get your SAP folks to fly me over for our current project. 🙂 Hope it goes well!

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