Well done Oracle.

Oracle had a good quarter. They beat analyst expectations handsomely. Woodrow provides a useful analysis of the results here. Well done Oracle.

I’m a member of a computer law group in London, and I’m always impressed by how competing law firms are so civil to each other. I see the same in Banking, in the Oil industry, in fact just about everywhere else. Why is the enterprise software industry so damn rude? Aggressive competition doesn’t mean that you need to bad mouth the competition at every opportunity.

I remember once in a demo some years ago the prospect asked me a whole lot of questions that had obviously come from an Oracle guy. I say this because the questions started, “Oracle say you don’t have this function etc.” After answering him, showing that his Oracle source was way out of date, he then asked, “what are Oracle’s weaknesses?” So he was at least being fair.

I said “I’m sorry I don’t really know.” I could have rattled off a whole lot of them, but I didn’t. I then said “I can tell you what I don’t like about the SAP product though.” I then told him. The account manager thought I was mad, but we won the deal.

Larry Elison has built an awesome company from nothing. Respect. He has some super people, and several excellent products.  Respect. He has lots of customers who have made him rich.

He would have been better served by not mouthing off about SAP. Instead he should have thanked his customers and his people for a good quarter.

I also wish SAP wouldn’t stoop down into this unseemly slagging match. If Larry wants to sprout drivel about what SAP is or isn’t doing, that is his business, the market is clever enough to realise that, surely?

I don’t think we should rise to the bait. We should leave speculating about Fusion to the analysts, and focus on making our customers happy.

As my mother told me when I was small and skinny, the best way to handle the playground bully is to ignore him.

Can the leaders of the software industry please treat each other with some common courtesy, please?

5 thoughts on “Well done Oracle.”

  1. Well said, Thomas. Every time I see an ad from Oracle – especilly one this week in the Wall Street Journal in which he (Larry) had the balls to insert a Kagermann quote about “losing share.” – every time I see that I want to puke.

    As an aside, my new neighbor works for Oracle. While she wouldn’t say she approves of Larry’s approach to marketing, she does really like the company.

    I agree, agree, agree with an honest and integrity focused approach to selling like you mentioned here. Take the high road and I think it will pay. I think your mum was right.

  2. I’m not sure Thomas. Larry has been getting away with this sort of stuff for years and my instincts as an external observer are to call him to account.

    Bill did a good job refuting the statements made and I read it as a dignified response. Of course the press prefers sensational headlines, hence the way it’s presented. But I trust buyers are smart enough to see through the BS.

    Having said that – sure they had a great 1/4. Pity it was diminished by Larry finding it necessary to have another poke at SAP.

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