Sig, Dean and I rode up Mt Ventoux this weekend, partly for the warchild charity, but mainly just because it was there. Pity about the fog at the top, it meant we didn’t get to see the lunar landscape even the Simpson memorial was just about invisible. The Giant of Provence was still just as steep though….

 Sig provides commentary over at his blog. He also edited the video. Great soundtrack!

I’d like to thank Sig’s family for the fabulous hospitality, and Dean for sharing the long drive.  For those of you that donated to our charity. A BIG Thank you.. For those of you that haven’t click here. (update: I should also thank my wife for allowing me to postpone the wedding aniversary…)

We would like this to be the start of a regular blogger charity bike ride, so if you are interested in next year’s efforts, head over to the wiki.  and help get it started. Galiber perhaps?

3 thoughts on “Ventoux….”

  1. Hey man,
    That was cool. Wow! Surprised you made it out alive in that pea soup fog! Where do I get some of those SAP biker shorts? 🙂

    PS your comments made the Minneapolis Star Trib today.

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