A very interesting developer Filip Misovski

You have probably guessed that I’m a fan of the Redmonk gang. All three of them write about technology with that all too rare mix of technical depth, passion and clarity.

Several years ago I met a developer here in Walldorf who was passionate about the user experience. He was on the team that built the early adobe integration. He helped me out on a deal with a major mobile phone provider. (Gasp a developer talking to a prospect shock horror) Since then, he has gone onto be something of a user experience evangelist here in starship enterprisey.

I’m really impressed by people that can write well in a second language. So few are able to do it in one language, never mind two.

I spent a couple of hours with him earlier ths year, and I really wished I could have blogged about the cool stuff he is working on. Filip has started a blog, and I hope that he will share his thinking more broadly there. If you are interested in the folks who are designing the future of the SAP user experience, read him. He starts with an introduction to muse

I’d be keen to hear a podcast with the Redmonk lads, Filip, Jeremiah and Kathy
The UI world at SAP is moving fast, so the more conversations folks like Filip are having with the user community the better.

It is time to redo my blogroll……

3 thoughts on “A very interesting developer Filip Misovski”

  1. we would love to do that podcast. GREAT idea. when- do you want to schedule? could we be super cheeky and get bloggers corner to schedule, i wonder?

    or what is filip’s email address.

  2. Wow, not been board the “starship enterprisey” that long but I’ve heard Filip’s name drop on multiple occasions – fantastic to see he’s got a blog now!

    – Craig

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