Workday emerges…

Workday has come out of hiding. At HR Tech they demoed some stuff and Dave Duffield is back in action. Jason from Yankee was there. Dan Farber also commented.   I wasn’t there, so I’m  thin on the details of what it is they are offering, all I have is what Jeff Nolan posted sometime ago about it, and the stuff on their website.

I’ve spent most of my working career here at SAP in HR technology competing with PeopleSoft, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. 

PeopleSoft, especially Dave,  did a brilliant job in the HR mindshare space through the late 90’s, but when Oracle bought PeopleSoft this has faded away. The HR  industry as a whole has been poorer without them.  I expect Dave will help create a new buzz in the HR space. This will be good for us all.

 I wish them success, just not too much of it !-) 

One thing that grated me…. I clicked on the RSS logo and instead of a feed it took me to a “tell me all about yourself form.”  Not a good start for an “open” solution.  The website is same old same old…. I would have expected something with a bit more innovation and conversation. 


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