Brussels not Amsterdam….

Many of my colleagues at SAP, and a number of bloggers, are off to Amsterdam for the European SAP Teched, including James, Dale, Sig and Dennis.   I won’t be there, but I’ll be in Brussels.  It would have been good to meet the folks that I read, and it is great to see the blogger at SAP event thang over here in little old Europe.

Our team is  running a roundtable  for Chief HR Officers focusing in on Employee Engagement and Sustainablity.  We have some great speakers, including the head of public affairs from HP EMEA, the Vice Dean of Esade, director of research from IES, the Heads of HR at Surrey County Council, Orsay, Atos Orgin…. The attendee list looks good too.

It is easy at SAP to get carried away with the cool new technology, enterprise 2.0, the state of the SaaS market,  but I can do that every day.  Luckily I meet with folks like Filip, Jeremiah, and Craig, ask them questions and have them explain it very slowly to me more than once.

Listening to 20 or so  HR leaders discussing the issues that concern them is a less common affair. Teched can wait.

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