Wikis and SAP Developer Network. Reality not hype.

There has been a mixed bag of positive and negative blogger comment out of European Teched.   But SDN continues to receive lots of kudos, even from the modern day PyrrhoDennis.  David is also impressed.

 What’s unique is the scale of the thing, and the way that SAP is embracing the changes it will bring.  There are over  570,000 subscribers, it is completely open, and the core service is free – I’ve just joined this morning.  You can ask any question you like, and there is passionate community, 94% of which aren’t SAP employees, who are willing to answer questions.  As well as spreading their knowledge, and promoting their expert status, contributors are awarded with a points system, which gets them things like free entrance to TechEd (and badges!).  There is an complementary service called or Business Process Expert community.  This offers the same kind of facility, but aimed more at the business analyst and consultant community rather than developers, with around 50,000 members and only a little overlap with SDN

It struck me that one of the best ways to convert those that doubt the power of the wiki (and blogs for that matter)  as an enterprise tool, would be to suggest that they watch how the SAP Wiki on SDN develops.  Tesha Harvey and the gang from SAP have done a fine job in getting it up, I’m looking forward to seeing it fly..

Have a look at the BSP stuff and the Enterprise Services Packages as a start. This is the future of application and process documentation.  Put simply, it rocks.  No walled gardens here.

The Enterprise Services Packages Wiki, a section of the SDN/BPX Wiki, exists to explain what ES Packages are in general and to provide detailed documentation of the services offered for specific ES Packages. The goal of the ES Packages Wiki is to engage the community of developers inside SAP and those in the customer and partner organizations who are using services in ES Packages and to promote the sharing of information. That is why anyone who has an idea can add it to the wiki. We encourage you to learn and to share your knowledge. The ES Packages wiki is the place to do the following things:  

Learn about how to put the services in ES Packages to work building composite applications

Share tips and tricks related to the use of the services.

Share ideas for new composite applications that could be constructed using the services.

 if wikis can be used effectively for documenting software development and processes, surely they could be used to document any other multi-person process? Coupled up with workflow and the right security, I could imagine all sorts of document intensive processes on wikis, performance appraisals, audit reports, designs, contracts, compliance documentation.

 I will leave whether this is a revolution or not to Susan, but it seems to me that the content and document management space will never be quite the same again.

BTW. while over on the BPX site I saw a competition that may interest some of you.

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6 thoughts on “Wikis and SAP Developer Network. Reality not hype.”

  1. The key here Thomas is the work/processflow bit. I alluded to that on Dan Farber’s show. To date I’ve seen very little evidence of that and what I have seen is what I would class ’embryonic.’

    Nevertheless, these are all very good steps in the right business blanced *all sparkling new* SDN, BPx and whatever else SAP invents along the way.

  2. Be sure to check out the Podcasts (which should be online in the next couple of days) with Tesha and Arkin about the ES packages and the one the other day about the Wiki launch and more will be coming in a week or so with TechEd Bangalore in terms of how the adoption of the Wiki platform is moving along.

    – Craig

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