The futures of SAP GUIS.

If anyone asks me for Netweaver-SOA  impact evidence,  the first thing I point to is the GUI.  I have commented on Duet, AJAX and Adobe in an SAP context before.  The decoupling of application logic and GUI layer has laid the groundwork for a lot of innovation and change in application presentation.

The other week  a customer told  me, “It is all very well all this openess business, but it is a bit confusing with all these options.” He was right, and this is not the first time I have heard this. Choice means decisions. 

Well, SDN to the rescue again.  Herewith the first of several whitepapers on SAP GUI strategy. (Hat tip Filip, and I’m sure he would appreciate feedback, postive or otherwise)

The paper provides a description of the Muse project (mentioned at Sapphire and Teched), – SAP’s approach to Rich Internet Applications.  

I sense that we are moving to a world where the GUI will change often. As new UI concepts emerge, (often from the consumer space) then enterprise applications will  adopt them, but without disrupting core application logic. I think we are seeing the start of this now.

I’m always on the look out for cool examples of bespoke UI stuff. Last week I was sent a fabulous  example of employee performance management at a global pharmaceutical. Once I have a few more together I’ll post them.

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