I prefer Emergence and emergent  to Enterprise 2.0, as I ranted recently One of the folks at SAP who walks this walk is Craig. He is one of the main guys driving SDN at SAP, and he has an interesting personal blog too, never mind all his SDN evangelising.

I’ve read a lot about the Office 2.0 event, but I really enjoyed his post on why he was there.

….ways for the Information Worker of tomorrow to get their jobs done we’ll see more and more ways of integrating enterprise levels processes into online and collaborative environments.

This is not that far away from what Kagermann said to AMR the other week.

Herewith AMR talking to the SAP CEO.

AMR Research: What do you think of all the buzz around Web 2.0?

Kagermann: (He laughs). Hasso was just here yesterday saying that we need to do build more Web 2.0 into our software. (He is referring to Hasso Plattner, one of SAP’s cofounders and his predecessor as CEO at SAP.) With SOA, you can have all these different user experiences with 100% business system integrity.

AMR Research: Inside SAP, your company is using a lot of collaborative tools like wikis. Do you see these becoming part of future SAP products? The primary concern seems to be the lack of security.

Kagermann: You’re right. We will add wikis and other tools when we can tie them into our security layer.

I’m not sure the future of E2.0 is only about startups spelt without vowels. SAP Ventures was an early investor in Socialtext, and SDN is not only a growing network, but a fabulous live experiment in emergence.  As with any new space, new players will spring up but it would be a mistake to assume that the enterprisey crowd will miss this train.  Is just my SAP zealot glasses  or SDN have something of the cluetrain about it?

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One thought on “Emergence”

  1. I’ve spent a long time in SDN these last days but I’d hardly describe it as Cluetrain. Heck of a lot of SAP created material, not a huge amount of conversation, a lot of misunderstanding.

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