Axon’s HR expansion.

Axon UK based consulting firm has just acquired US based Premier HR.  (Thanks for the info Jason)

Mark Hunter set up Axon in the mid 1990’s and it has grown tremendously. He is one of the brightest brains in the business, despite that he funded my start up idea in 2000. We both learnt a bit through that process, but that deserves a post all on its own another day.  Axon has quietly built a very strong HR practice since then, Jason playing a key role.

Axon’s timing is good, the SAP HR-HCM business is booming. Growth in the US was nearly 50% last year, and EMEA is really humming along at the moment.  There is a strong wave of global rollouts, shared service centers and talent management stuff.  SAP recently announced the 10,000 HR customer, and my presales mates reckon they have never been busier. The SaaSy hype notwithstanding, our core broccoli enterprisey applications are doing rather well.

It is  goodness to see more alternatives to the giant SIs becoming more globally capable. Axon has a track record for hiring  seasoned consultants and giving them an organisation that fosters innovation and initiative, and delivering projects on time.  The Premier buy makes a lot of sense. 

Accenture recently bought Pecaso, so it is all action in the HR space. I don’t think this dance round is over just yet.

I look forward to catching up with Jason and many of the other UK consultants at the SAP UK user group meeting,  in Brum on the 20-21 November. There is a thriving SAP HR community in the UK so I’m also keen to talk with customers.  I get to showcase some of the new stuff, which is fun too.

Next week I’m running a workshop on HR shared services in Nice, France, with some very interesting customers. Should be fun too. I’ll also be in Zürich the week after, at the ZFU where Dave Ulrich is the keynote.  I’ll probably also be at the SAP German HR congress in Nürnburg. Busy busy.

 (disclaimer. I own a very small tiny number of Axon shares)

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One thought on “Axon’s HR expansion.”

  1. I’d like to read that post one day (about your start up) and have fun in Brum.
    Oh and with all the cricketing references recently all the best today in the Champions trophy. Hopefully we will be playing you on Sunday!


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