Workday press coverage, mangled statistics and SaaS love

Workday is launching on 6th November (that is the same day I was launched 37 years ago)  Auspicious choice indeed. I’m curious about Workday. They have a strong team of HR tech folks, and the SaaS play is certainly trendy. 

I saw  press coverage here in computing UK 

Firstly the author has totally mangled the market statistics for the HR market.

AMR Research data on growth in the online applications sector suggests that HR is currently a slower-growth area than some others. It rose 13 percent between 2004 and 2005, compared to 300 percent for ERP generally, 60 percent for CRM and 125 percent for sourcing/procurement, the analyst said.

Gosh. I read lots of reports from AMR, but that one passed me by. I was bonused last year on ERP revenue, so either the report is wrong, or I got shafted.

Secondly, I was struck by the amount of friendly SaaS love. Salesforce and Netsuite all welcoming Workday to the party. I’m not sure the rest of the nascent HR SaaS crowd will be so welcoming.   

Thirdly, the marketing to date is very traditional, press releases, static website….. No blog that I can find, no conversation,  Where is the thingamy type marketing?  Or the simplyhired youtube?

It is early days yet,  and marketing innovation doesn’t correlate with application innovation, but I would have expected something cool by now.  I’d read Dave Duffield’s blog, and so would most of the the HR technology world.

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