Cricket, long tails, podcasting….

I’ve just left City airport in London – homeward bound should get home at midnight.  I left Frankfurt on the 7.00am flight, a long day for vendorprisey, so this post will say nothing of significance.  (Actually I’m finishing this up at home now)

If you were expecting a tussle with Vinnie or Nicholas Carr you will be disappointed.   I’ve noticed there is a bucket load of commentary to digest about the SAP analyst meeting, some positive, some not. I’ll return to that tomorrow.

On  the flight out I listened to the test match day 4 summary podcast from the BBC.  By the time I’d landed,  day 5 was over, and In case you are wondering, the Australians beat England again, exposing England’s long tail. Not much has changed since 1882

The highlight of Harris’ tour was a game billed as an “English XI” against “Dave Gregory’s Australian XI”; it was this game that later got recognised as a Test. Lord Harris’ side was weak, with a long tail. 

That folks, is the original meaning of the long tail.  

The Aussie commentator, former wicketkeeper, Ian Healy  summarises the 5th day  here.  

My German and American colleagues are amazed-baffled that I can get pleasure from a game that lasts five days, but the Indian colleagues  and I lament the lack of legal cricket coverage in Germany, despite the power of Internet radio and TV.  Clicking refresh on the cricinfo text based coverage is not quite as good.  I have been known to read a whole test match though. 

BBC, Channel 9,  if you are reading this the  long tail of cricket fans is in Walldorf.  I reckon we could even pick a side. I will be scorer and 12th man. 

I also listened to two of the recent  Redmonk podcasts. The combination of James and Cote is always interesting.  It a blast of contrasts.  James is all fireworks, Cote all silkysmoothlaidbackness.  James managed to remind me about CICS.  Cote interviewed the Rednun, Anne. I look forward to hearing and reading more from her. Her blog is in my RSS feed.

 I would like Cote to do a podcast of a  bedtime stories for geeks who can’t put down their blackberries at night.

“Hi, this is Cote on Redmonk Radio,  put down your blackberry now, close your eyes, and listen to the story of the three elastic cloud servers and the declarative ajax fairy.”

“Tomorrow, if you are very good, I’ll tell you the tale of how Ruby found her rails.”


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6 thoughts on “Cricket, long tails, podcasting….”

  1. Thomas it was a great game to watch, who could of predicted that the 5th day was going to be so good after England’s 1st Innings was 551. They even delayed the news here and canceled 2 TV shows to allow us to watch it live all the way to the end.

  2. rocks! It was great to follow from my desk when I got into work yesterday. 2-0! Wahoo. I’m not counting my chickens but I think the Ashes are about to return to their rightful place.

    Crackberries! Can’t get enough of them!

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