Compliance (GRC) SAP, IBM….

I’ve written about SAP GRC in the past, but figured it was time for an update.

At the recent analyst meeting, Doug Merritt covered SAP’s GRC story. It is well worth a watch.  He clearly articulates SAP’s strategy and progress to date. Slides here.  Doug looks after GRC, Analytics and Usability, an important job indeed.  He came from PeopleSoft a couple of years ago and has done a great of job of balancing “I’ve got a whole lot of great new ideas” and respecting our weird Walldorfivian ways. 

Business is good, strong Q3, product development on track, strong road map and the go-to-market is going well. Since  launching GRC, the analyst firms have picked up on term, so rather than play catch up I think  there is an element of (and I hate this term), shock, horror, thought leadership.  This GRC  market is growing rapidly, and it not just about SOX.  Risk Management, in the longer term, will be very significant.  (see demo here)

 The SAP site for GRC  took me to a Deloitte podcast with Lee Dittmar from Deloitte ,  Robert Worrall, CIO, Sun Microsystems; Holly Roland, Senior Director, SAP GRC Solutions Marketing, SAP; and Steve Taylor, CEO, Resolver Inc. You need to register on the Business Trends Quarterly site to listen. 

IBM’s purchase of Consul vindicates SAP’s  Virsa purchase, does this mean that the compliance space is consolidating already?

IBM to acquire Consul risk management, Inc. “Auditor-in-a-Box” Software Deal To Help Protect Clients From Internal Users Accessing Unauthorized Information

ARMONK, NY — December 5, 2006: IBM today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Consul, a privately-held software company headquartered in Delft, Netherlands with a principal office in Herndon, Virginia. Financial details were not disclosed. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals and is anticipated to close in the first quarter of the 2007 calendar year. Upon approval, Consul will become part of IBM’s Tivoli software unit.

I haven’t seen the Consul product.

I’m suprised that Oracle haven’t bought something in this space.  I would have thought a cool compliance product that could connect across dozens of products orginally from different vendors  would be just what the doctor ordered. 


One thought on “Compliance (GRC) SAP, IBM….”

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