SAP and the Simplicity. SAP and Second Life..

Yesterday I mentioned YouTube as a marketing channel, and the day before I wrote about simplicity.  Someone in the press release department is reading my mind.  This press release arrived in my inbox  this evening. I quote….

The second annual Developer Challenge brought together a select group of SAP developers from around the world to collaborate and compete to solve a creative problem. The topic of this year’s challenge, “Creating Simplicity: Innovation’s Great Paradox,” challenged contestants to develop new software based on, or extending, an existing SAP product that addresses one of four dimensions of simplicity: user interface, technical design, consumption or overall product experience.

This morning, I saw this post on SDN from SDN’s resident Austrian Comedian, Mario Herger.

The loudest sound you normally hear in the Silicon Valley is the buzz of the thousands of computer processor coolers in the Garage startups or the counting of the billions of venture capital money thrown at soon-to-rule-the-internet companies. But that past weekend, 42 of the meanest SAP developers and 6 UI designers flocked tgether, split into gangs of 8, saddled their horses and spent Saturday and Sunday sweating over their laptops to churn out real cool stuff.
Under the overall theme “Simplicity” – What do you need in the Wild West? A horse, a pistol and a sunset to ride into – top SAP developers and designers made that reality.
Stop, stop, hold your gun: SAP & Simplicity? How does this go together? Tar and feather the impostor telling us that this is possible.
Well, I tell you: It is possible. Over 48 hours without sleep, the 6 gangs just did, what the simplicity bandits at SAP tend to “featurize”. But we had the Simplicity Sheriff Aliza Peleg, in her more mundane life the general manager of SAP Labs, who took care of the simplicity bandits.

This is the slightly odd video introducing the weekend’s Challenge.

The winning entry

The eight members of team “Mission Simplicity” took the top prize with a demo that connected an SAP back-end system running an online store to the Second Life virtual world, which is regularly visited by more than one million users. The Second Life client program provides its users (known as Residents) with tools to view and modify the virtual world and participate in its virtual economy, which concurrently has begun to operate as a “real” market.

Here it is:

The second place went to  Team “S.W.A.T.7.D.”  with an RSS system that aggregates data from SAP and non-SAP systems and the Internet, enabling end users to personalize and “pull” information into customized widgets running on the desktop. 

 This may interest the RSS guru, Charlie Wood.

The third-place demo, presented by team “Abracadabra,” showed a sticky-note application that stores data contextually within SAP and non-SAP screens.

I wonder what the licensing implications  of SAP in Second life  will be? Vinnie will need to set up an Avatar  to beat us up on the Linden Dollar licences.

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4 thoughts on “SAP and the Simplicity. SAP and Second Life..”

  1. One point to make about the DST involvement in the Developer Challenge was that participants from the DST where an interdisciplinary group that included amongst the “designers” a former CTO of a start-up, an interactive media developer, and former programmer. The DST believes that it takes all kinds of folks to do great design.

  2. We are currently trying to get the great ideas into grassroots development, the kind of “secret” out of budget style stuff, the way SAP was started 😉

    Thanks for the nice comments about my blog and video…

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