Adobe Apollo and SAP, aka Basil don’t mention the GUI

The folks over at techcrunch have had a look at Adobe’s Apollo.

2007 will bring the launch of the much anticipated Adobe Apollo platform, a cross platform run time that will allow developers to take rich Internet applications, whether they be built on Flash, HTML, JavaScript and/or Ajax, and turn them into desktop applications.

Michael goes on to comment.

I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s senior vice president and chief software architect, about the upcoming launch of Apollo. Steve Gillmor joined me as well. Listen to the 37 minute podcast over on TalkCrunch, and let us know what you think Apollo’s “killer app” might be.

The cast is definitely worth listening to.  Michael sees email and calendaring  integration as the killer app, but I reckon there is a bigger play in the Enterprisey space.  Kevin and Steve mention the SAP-Flex stuff.  Adobe has the opportunity to become a major part the enterprise application experience, ERP CRM etc….

 I liked the term grown-up widgets.  Ans the cast was spot on when someone  said something like, “The  world work is a mixture of the cloud and the local machine.”

Matthias Zeller led me to the Techcrunch post. (Thanks)  He is a leading chap in the SAP-Adobe relationship. Judging by the name you would probably bet serious money that he works for SAP. Haaa he doesn’t. He is at Adobe. This destroys my theory that all clever Germans work at SAP. Check out Matthias’ slideshow from ASUG about how Adobe can change your SAP user experience. 

James from Redmonk is big on Adobe,  so am I: My blog is littered with Adobe SAP happy families.  Anything that makes SAP hipper and slicker  is goodness. 

Adobe is a big SAP user, so they have the opportunity to experiment with their own internal petri dish. I’d love to see what their internal ESS and MSS stuff looks like. (If anyone from Adobe is reading this, please drop me a note)

The enterprise user experience is going to change dramatically, check out Filip’s blog on SDN for more.  He explains muse and gives some good insight into what is cooking in the SAP kitchen.  All that SOA  business  is what helps make this stuff possible in an enterprisey context.

It might be fun to do demos again.

And that reminds me of another  sketch…..

When I wer’ lad, we had t’ demo wit’ dull thin html screen

You were lucky , when I were a lad we only had   SAP GUI

You were lucky, when I were a lad we had t’ demo with SAP GUI and all the demo data was in German

You wer’ lucky, when I wer’  lad we ha’ demo with a green screen in German and Assembler.

You were lucky when I were a lad we had to demo with an abacus.

We were happy in those days

Aye, but you never had to do a demo in a shoebox on the motorway while eating coal

If you try and tell the young folks of today, they won’t believe you..

The orignal, funnier version is here.



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5 thoughts on “Adobe Apollo and SAP, aka Basil don’t mention the GUI”

  1. email and calendaring? give. me. a. break. that is not the killer app for Apollo. i saw some demos of next gen clients for email/calendaring/collaboration in Apollo at adobe MAx… it seemed like last year’s news, fed via RSS…. rather than this year’s news. except of course for the offline access, synchronised web aspects

  2. As a jealous American of Commonwealth humour I have to throw in my .02p…

    Q: “What color is your SOA?”
    A: ESA, no Enetrprise SOA… AHHHHH!

    My favourite is Dave Allen… boy I loved Dave Allen at large

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